Choosing the right business name is one of the most single important things when starting any business, whether you are opening a bakery or forming a construction company.  A name identifies your business, but it also speaks to your clients about your services, products, and values.  Do you have a specific product?  Do you want a name that can grow with your business as you continue to offer new services?  Do you want an industry specific identifier?  Or perhaps your own name to represent who is providing the service and/or products for the business?

These are all questions I considered, and I decided after some amount of deliberation on Dillon & Semenovich, Inc.  Being my last name is now Greer, I am often asked “Who is Dillon & Semenovich?”  Truth be told, I did not want to be generalized by some typical name like “Hudson Valley Site Works.”  I wanted something that was symbolic of my commitment to integrity and honesty.  The name had to represent the strength and perseverance of a woman in business, and one in the male dominated construction industry at that.  So, “Site Girlz Contracting” wasn’t going to cut it….. Then there was Greer, but that’s really an assumed last name by marriage, and that didn’t speak to me either.

Ann Dillon and Mary Semenovich were my grandmothers.  Ann and Mary were honest.  Caring.  Steadfast, and unwavering in their ability and determination to do the right things.  No matter the obstacles they faced in life.  They were always kind, and always created happiness.  And through them, I learned to do the same thing.  These are my values.  These are the values of Dillon & Semenovich.  To be honest, diligent, to build relationships, and always do the job right, because we care about our clients and our work. 

Dillon & Semenovich Inc…….That’s what’s in a name.

one of the founding members