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Welcome to the redefined Orange County Airport, NY, where Dillon & Semenovich Inc. spearheaded the decommissioning and demolition of six existing septic tanks, orchestrating a seamless transition to a new era of connectivity to the village sewer main. Our comprehensive approach, which also featured meticulous lawn restoration, unfolded within the operational constraints of an active airport. This significant project adhered to the stringent regulations of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and was executed in close collaboration with the Orange County, NY Office of Public Works and TAM Enterprises.

Collaborative Connectivity: At Orange County Airport, our collaborative efforts with the Orange County Office of Public Works and TAM Enterprises ensured a project that seamlessly connected airport facilities to the village sewer main. The collaboration adhered to the high standards set by the FAA, reflecting our commitment to precision and professionalism.

Decommissioning and Demolition Mastery: In the midst of an active airport environment, our team demonstrated mastery in the decommissioning and demolition of six septic tanks. This intricate process adhered to the strict regulations of the FAA, ensuring a seamless and safe transition to upgraded sewer connections without compromising airport operations.

Lawn Restoration Elegance: Beyond infrastructure, our commitment extended to the aesthetics of the airport grounds. Meticulous lawn restoration took place adjacent to active runways, around administrative spaces, maintenance buildings, and hangars. This elegant restoration not only complements the airport’s functionality but also adheres to the visual and safety standards essential for an active aviation environment.

Connecting Facilities to Main: The overarching objective was to enhance connectivity while maintaining the operational integrity of Orange County Airport. Our collaborative efforts, guided by FAA regulations, ensured a smooth connection between airport facilities and the village sewer main. This upgrade contributes to the sustainability, efficiency, and safety of the airport’s infrastructure.

Partnership for Precision: The success of Orange County Airport’s transformation lies in the partnership forged between Dillon & Semenovich Inc., Orange County Office of Public Works, and TAM Enterprises. This collaboration reflects a commitment to professionalism, adherence to regulatory standards, and the seamless execution of complex infrastructure projects.

Contact Us: For projects demanding precision, professionalism, and adherence to strict regulations, Dillon & Semenovich Inc. stands as your trusted partner. Whether it’s decommissioning, demolition, or meticulous lawn restoration in active airport environments, our collaborative expertise ensures success. Reach out to us today, and let’s embark on a journey to elevate infrastructure with excellence and precision.

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Dillon & Semenovich Inc. is a NYS DOT and NJ DOT certified DBE, as well as a certified WBE (Woman-owned Business Enterprise) for NYC, PANYNJ, & New York state.

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